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Thursday, 26 February 2015

This weeks roundup

Weekly roundup: this week has had some rocky moments but it has finished on a good note. We opened our home up to a teenager who needed a place to sleep so he could keep going to school. Not a permanent thing, but he now knows that our door is always open & that he is now an extended member of our family. I was in the same position when I was his age but I chose to leave school to get a job to pay my own bills. It was the biggest regret of my life. So if I can help one person not have to be put in the position to choose school or work, then I know I have helped in the best way I can. We are finishing the week with a house full of teenagers this afternoon & that is the times I love the most. The house becomes so full of laughter & music. So I will spend the majority of today making sure there is cold cordial in the fridge, fresh baked biscuits to feed them & that they will feel as though they are coming to their second home. We are going to be spending the weekend scrubbing, sanding & painting Georgia's bedroom in preparation for her bedroom makeover. I can't believe my youngest will be 14 next week!!! How the hell did THAT happen? I am sure it was just yesterday that I was holding her in my arms, all swaddled & smelling like newborn perfection. Pass me the tissues!!

Now onto the little details. 

What I am listening to: this week has been all about smooth & cool. My Spotify playlist is all about Pete Murray, Ben Lee, Missy Higgins & Jack Johnson.

What I am reading: a lot of blog posts. I have been catching up on what some of my fave bloggers have been up to. Great DIY from- A pair & a spare

This great post from- Colour me Anna

What I am been thinking about: I have been thinking a lot about the fact that summer is almost over and I didn't get to the beach nearly as much as I would have liked. 

What I have been planning: next week is Georgia's 14th birthday and we are planning a complete bedroom makeover!! That is what she wanted as her present. I have all the paint, bedding & accessories  but now I just have to get it all done. 

What I have been eating: Lots of carob buttons and yoghurt frogs! We have had a new health food store open near us so I have been stocking up on my fave healthier snacks. Maybe, hopefully, now that I have a health food store closer than my local supermarket, it might be easier to stay on track with healthy eating. 

What I have been drinking: lots of fruit tea. My fave is a pomegranate & cranberry infusion. I make a big jug of a night & pop it in the fridge for cold tea. I have also I have also been experimenting with things to have with vodka. Last night I had a vodka & orange juice which was nice but still not the taste I am looking for. 

What I have been doing creatively: I have been dying white tablecloths with Tumeric! Yes, Tumeric from the spice aisle. The colour is like sunshine. Perfect colour to pop on the outdoor table for weekend brunches. 

What I have been wearing: I have made an effort to wear the clothes that I have made myself lately. I have made a few Alice dresses (from Tessuti) that I am completely in love with!! I need to start taking photos of myself wearing the clothes that I make. I am trying to put a little bit of effort into my everyday clothes. Nothing too fancy but also not the usual denim shorts and plain T-shirt that I seem to find myself wearing more than I would like. 

What I have been watching: Wonderland!  I can't tell you how excited I am that the new season has started! I have been hooked on that show since the very first episode. I still hold hopes that Miranda & Tom will one day get together forever! We cut back our foxtel to just the basic package so our TV viewing has changed dramatically! I still have been watching all of my trashy Real housewives though! Thank god for that! 

What has the weather been like: it has been that horrible sticky weather that comes after a cyclone. It rains, then the sun comes out, it gets hot & sticky, then it rains again. The only way to wear my hair is back in a ponytail because the humidity is a nightmare! Can't fight the frizz!!

From Jos with love xx

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  1. I like cranberry juice with vodka or light white grape juice.


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