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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Goodbye summer, hello Autumn.

Wow, it's March already! The leaves are falling off the frangipani trees, the roses are in bloom & all of our pets seem to be enjoying the slightly cooler nights.

It is always a big month for us. Both of my girls have their birthdays in March. That was completely not planned! But hey, it means that we get to celebrate all month long! My eldest is going to be 16years old (breathe deeply). Such a big milestone for girls. We all grow up hearing about "sweet 16". It is when she can get her learners driving licence, yes THAT is going to happen! I know she is ready but I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about handing my car keys over. 

March is always the month where I get the house prepared for cooler weather. I wash the curtains, lounge covers & rugs. Everything that takes a day or 2 to dry is washed while the weather is still warm. While everyone does a spring clean, I also do an autumn clean. 

The clothes that I sew start to have longer sleeves and it's more pants than shorts. I have a few hand painted scarves on my to do list before the end of Autumn. While I do love summer the most, I am looking forward to wearing scarves, jeans and closed in shoes again! 

Autumn sees my exercise making a comeback. Fingers crossed that the humidity drops soon because excercising this past summer was like running a marathon in a suna! That is the downside to having all the gym equipment on the back patio, the heat can become unbearable! I do wonder if it is worth joining a gym during the summer just for the aircon. But, I am feeling that I am at the heaviest that I have been for a long time so it's time to get back off my butt & get back to kettle bells, the treadmill & the airofit machine. I have still been doing yoga but I have been using it more for stress relief than anything else. 

I have big plans to revive our veggie & herb patch this autumn. Everything died off in the heat, humidity & torrential downpours so I need to replant. Time to start over. I have got some home made kitchen compost ready & waiting. I just need to rethink where I am going to have the veggie patch because a certain puppy loves to dig and eat everything! And I mean everything! I think that I might have to look into a vertical garden for the herbs & raised beds for the veggies. Due to that same puppy terrorising our chooks, we had to rehome them. I really miss them a lot. I certainly miss the fresh supply of free range eggs. I hope that once she is out of the puppy stage (she is 9 months old so fingers crossed that she does grow out of it 1 day!), then we can get some more chooks again. 

So goodbye February, hello March!

From Jos with love. Xx

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  1. I also have 14 yo and 16 yo daughters, but my 16 yo lives in another state with her father. (I also have 11 yo, twin step sons.) It's nice to find a blogger with teens rather than young children.


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