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Monday, 13 July 2015

Hello Monday. 13th of July 2015

Hello Monday! 

Hello quiet house! The kids are back at school. Hip hip hooray! Now my house will stay clean longer than 10 minutes. 

Hello arctic blast. We are having a real winter today. It's windy, it's cold and I have socks on! About 4 hours drive from here it is snowing. I have never ever seen snow in real life. Nor do I really want to. I am someone who likes it hot, hotter & even hotter. My husband on the other hand was born in NSW & grew up having snow every winter. He keeps telling me that he wants to take me back to his home town while it's snowing. I told him to have a nice time while he is there. I am not going! 

Hello massive pile of sewing. Huge. Ginormous. I have cut out quite a few things over the holidays. Lots of tops, kimono jackets, scarves & even a skirt. Hopefully I can sit down this week and get some of it sewn. 

Hello second job for the eldest teen. She got the job! Another job! This kid makes me so proud. 

Hello cuddles from the youngest teen. As most mums of teenage girls know, they go through stages of emotional ups & downs. We are at a stage of love. When she walks up and wraps her arms around me, it melts my heart. 

Hello decluttering. I have purchased a few pieces of second hand furniture so it's time to declutter & rearrange. 

Hello week ahead, I've got this! 

From Jos with love. Xx

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