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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Taking stock.

Making : A crochet blanket for my niece. She will be turning 8 in a few months so I thought it was best to make  a start now. 

Cooking : A lot of hearty meals. I love winter 
cooking! Stew, soups, lamb shanks....you know, all the good stuff!

Drinking : Lots of cups of tea & a little too much pepsi max. Not drinking them both at the same time though!

Reading: Blogs. I am reading a LOT of blogs. Trying to learn a little more from people who know a lot.

Wanting: Time with the girls. I am not happy that the school holidays are almost over. The eldest now only has 1 & 1/2 years left at high school and that makes me sad. 

Looking: At my garden out the front & seeing how neglected it has become. It must be envious of all the time that I spend out the back in the veggie patch.

Playing: Funny buggers. We are always playing jokes or jumping out from somewhere to scare each other. 

Deciding: What I want to do with my blog. Trying to figure out if I should just let it organically reach people or if I  should spend more time putting my little blog out there.

Wishing: That someone would do all of the washing for me. Not likely but I girl can always wish.

Enjoying: The winters sunshine

Waiting: On everyone. I am always waiting on everyone else. If you are not 10 minutes early then you are late.

Liking: White. With a splash of colour

Wondering: What tomorrow will bring

Loving: 1 of our dogs but the other is in trouble for eating EVERYTHING she sees.

Pondering: How did I get this life that I lead? what one change could have seen me go in a whole                                      different direction. You know, like sliding doors.

Considering: Getting up off my butt and working out

Buying: looks like I am going to have to buy a new computer. Waaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Watching: Mr Selfridge, The Last Ship, The voice & all of the real housewives. 

Hoping: that the promised cold snap that is due in a few does does not eventuate. I do not do cold!!

Marvelling: At this eldest teen of mine who just wants to achieve so much out of life.

Cringing: when I look at how little is in my bank account. 

Needing: more money. Lots more money. 

Questioning: the motives of some people who seem hellbent on creating drama. 
Smelling: paint. Not purposely sniffing paint. I just spray painted a coatrack. 

Wearing: black comfy pants & a black marle top. Spray painting attire. 

Following: no one. I like to be myself. 

Noticing: that my house is covered in dust. Everywhere!!!

Knowing: that no matter how much I need control, I can't control everything.

Thinking: that as much as I love having my kids at home for the holidays, sometimes it would be great if they had a mute button!

Admiring: people who are not afraid of tackling life. 

Sorting: through everything. It's decluttering time again. It all has to go. 

Getting: back on the fitness track!!!

Bookmarking: mail chimp because I need to remember to send out a newsletter. 

Coveting: a winter hat. You know, a big wide brimmed felt one. 

Disliking: my neighbours for taking over 12 months to build a carport & using power tools every single damn day!! 

Opening: to many bills

Giggling: at the youngest teen who is sitting here next to me watching vines. 

Feeling: overwhelmed 

Snacking: chocolate, of cours

Helping: the eldest teen to decide what movie we are going to watch. 

Hearing: the washing machine beeping. I think that means I need to go and hang out some washing! 

From Jos with love. xx

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  1. Love your Taking Stock! Hehe, sniffing paint but not on purpose, that made me giggle. That's cool that your eldest teenage wants to achieve loads of stuff, good for them! Sorry to hear about the never-ending car port renovations. Living in China, there are loud power tools being used everywhere every day, looking forward to some P and Q back in Melbourne next year :) x


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