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Monday, 6 July 2015

Hello Monday. 6th of July 2015

Hello Monday.

Hello royal christening! I woke up this morning to find my news feed full of gorgeous photos of Baby Princess Charlotte. And Prince George, seriously, is he not the cutest little dude? I think that I could imagine the whole family moving in next door and afternoons spent at each others house having BBQ's & a sneaky beer. They just give off that down to earth vibe. I could even see Will out in the street with all the kids & Dads playing a game of cricket on a Sunday arvo. While the Mums and Kate would lounge back on the lawn chairs having a sneaky vodka. I can totally see it. 

Hello second week of the holidays. This week sees a job interview for the eldest teen who is so driven that she wants a second part time job. It is apparent that my job is to drive her to all of these jobs. But that's OK because I am actually the passenger now that she has her learners licence. It also sees us making plans to go shopping for new school shoes for both girls. One teens feet have shrunk & the others have grown another 2 sizes!

Hello rearranging of my craft area. I need to go through it all & do a massive cull. It is as though a craft shop, stationary shop & fabric shop decided to have a rave & leave the mess behind! I kid you not, it's that bad! I need to see what I am actually loving & the rest I will donate to the local childcare center. 

Hello lounge room declutter. We have gotten bigger lounges so the spare space is no longer. I need to go through all of the bookshelves and decide if I am really going to read the books that I have already read, again. It is just so hard to part with books!! There is already a full bookshelf in the shed so maybe I might go through those books first & then move the ones from inside to out there. 

Hello cooking. I hope to get a lot of hearty meals cooked this week & pop them in the freezer. It makes it so much easier for those nights when I just can't be bothered or don't have enough time to cook. I also want to make sure that I have some healthy options for snack food because chocolate has become my best friend of late. I think we need an intervention or a break up. Maybe both.

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  1. I can never throw out books, my house just has piles of them, over flowing from all shelves! I am with you on making freezer meals. I have a pulled pork in the slow cooker and am about to do a lasagne - that is going to give me more time during the week when I would other wise be cooking! Good luck with it all!


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