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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Taking stock. 19th of May 2015


Joining in with Meet Me at Mike’s

Making : plans. Lots of plans.
Cooking : healthy food. Trying to eat healthier
Drinking : tea. Lots of tea.
Reading: blogs. Trying to get my blogging mojo back
Wanting: one billion dollars (best Dr Evil voice)

Looking: at the sky & wondering if it will rain
Playing: not a lot. 
Deciding: on what we should have for dinner. Pasta or salad? 
Wishing: that I had more spare time
Enjoying: the cooler weather
Waiting: for the washing machine to finish
Liking: that there was leftover salad from lasts nights dinner so I didn't have to make lunch. 
Wondering: if my girls could survive a school day without sending me an SMS
Loving: flannelette sheets. Purchased new ones last week and I don't know how I survived all this time without them! 
Pondering: if I should study something?
Considering: doing more craft
Watching: The Last Ship. Well, hubby is while I write this post. 
Hoping: that it rains so I don't have to water the veggie patch
Marvelling: at how much the veggies patch has flourished in just 4 weeks. 
Needing: some creative time
Smelling: the coconut & soy candle that I made
Wearing: jeans, jumper & sneakers
Following: Meet Me At Mikes. The newest blog that I am following
Noticing: that I need some more sleep
Knowing: that things will work out in the end
Thinking: that I give too much to others
Feeling: completely mixed up
Admiring: my daughters. 
Sorting: the clutter. 
Buying: clothes that fit, make me happy & that I need for winter
Getting: shit done
Bookmarking: anything to do with comfortable & stylish fashion. 
Disliking: grade 9 girls that are bullies
Opening: umbrellas to make sure they work
Giggling: at funny videos on the Internet
Feeling: a range of emotions
Snacking: on carob 
Coveting: the last yoghurt frog
Wishing: that I could find a job
Helping: my husband to recover from his surgery
Hearing: the rain on the roof

From Jos with love. xx

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