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Monday, 18 May 2015

Taking things slow and simple. Building a veggie garden

After my last post, I thought I should let you know, I am OK. I am dealing with everything that has been thrown at as in the only way I know how. To just keep going. I am a person who likes control, OK maybe I am a control freak. So when there are things going on in my life that I can't control, it sends me into survival mode. Literally. When finances and stability are all of a sudden put into the hands of a complete stranger, I like to make plans on how I can get back some of that control. I decided a few weeks back that I needed to get back to basics. I needed to build a veggie patch again.
We used to have our back yard full of home grown veggies, then the dogs & chooks took over. We don't have any chooks at the moment (hopefully we will have some more chooks before the end of the year) & we put up side fences to keep the dogs out of the back yard. A trip to the local trash & treasure market and a rummage through the shed, we were in action again. I wanted raised garden beds that required no maintenance. Sheets of tin & off cuts from fence posts were perfect for making the garden beds. They will hopefully last a lifetime at least! I put the 4wd Ute to good use and got quite a few loads of soil from the local landscaping yard. Vegetables are on every dinner plate in our family so I made sure to get plenty of seedling punnets of the veggies & herbs that we eat in a daily basis. For under $50 we built, filled and planted our veggie patches. That is the cost of one weeks fruit & veg shop in our house.

Just a few weeks later and this is what they look like now! 

Not bad if I do say so myself! Since we planted our first gardens, I have also built, filled & planted out another one.

 I hope to have another 2 more soon. I am staggering the time out between each so that I am able to have a cycle of when things are ready to eat. Having carrots planted out every 2 weeks should hopefully mean that we will have a constant supply. My youngest teen eats carrots like her life depends on it! She will be eating one and have another in her hand ready for eating. Before summer I want to have a melon patch so we have rock melon & watermelon ready for summer fruit salads.

Do you have a veggie patch?

What veggies are you must haves to grow?

From Jos with love. xx

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