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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

So.....life is about to change!

Yes, life is about to change for myself & my family in a big way! I have been accepted into a 5 week intensive retail course with job placement & fingers crossed......at the end of it, I will have a job!! After 16+ years of raising kids, who are now teenagers, this Mumma is flying the nest! Every day I will get "dressed". No longer will life be just about making sure everyone else is ok. I will have to make sure that I am ok too.  This is going to be a big chance for everyone. It's scary, it's exciting & it's awesome!

I have no idea how this is going to work & as a family, I am sure there are going to be days when we all have a meltdown. But it's time. It's time for this Mumma to fly the nest. I keep repeating that to myself. Just like a Mumma bird knows when it's time for her babies to leave the nest, my babies know that it's time for me to leave the safety & comfort of our home. They know I need something else. They have told me. They want me to do what makes me happy. 

I have known for a while now that I needed something more. The girls are needing me less in a physical sense. It's time for both them & myself to let go a little. I know that they will always still need me, a sleepless night with a sick 16 year old last night reminded me that there will still be those moments. It's a little sad that the stay at home Mum part of my life is over but the excitement of what is to come is so much that I feel like dancing! 

The kids will be ok. They already know how to prepare & cook dinner so we are all going to have to share that job around. School uniforms are going to have to be washed by them. Their lunches are going to have to be made by them. Because I am going to have to do those things for myself. Lunch! I am going to have to think about lunch instead of just grabbing something. I can't believe I am so excited to even be able to pack a lunch bag!!! Now it's time for them to see what it is like to get ready for work every day. It's a learning experience for them too. 

I know that the novelty will eventually wear off (or maybe it won't) but right now I want to embrace every single part of this new life that I see unfolding before my eyes. This is my 3rd stage. I have been the daughter, I have been the mother & now I get to be me (while still being the best mother I can be). Instead of the days being about making sure everyone else is ok, now I get to make sure that I am ok too.

It's time for this Mumma to fly the nest! 

From Jos with love. xx


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