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Thursday, 5 March 2015

14 years I have had the pleasure of being your Mumma.

Oh sweet girl, 14 years I have had the pleasure of being your Mumma.

{this photo is one that you took of yourself. It captures your spirit & soul completely} 

 From the moment I saw that sweet little face, I fell hopelessly in love. You looked at me with eyes that told me that you trusted me to take care of you from that very second. From the first time you could talk, you have called me Mumma & everytime I hear it I feel so privileged. You were my second born baby girl & you will definitely the baby of the family for ever. Your big sister doted on you from the moment she met you. Your Dadda fell head over heels in love with his baby girl. Even to this day, you have him completely wrapped around your little finger.

You have such a gypsy soul. A complete free spirit. You love to wear flowers in your hair just like a hippie. You have this old soul that sees the beauty in nature. You are drawn to crystals, gems, alternative therapies & anything natural. You choose fruit over lollies, healthy snacks over junk & you even became a vegetarian by choice. 

Everyone who meets you is captivated by your beauty both inside and out. I love that you are so completely comfortable in your own skin yet you have no idea just how gorgeous you are. Your blue eyes sparkle with joy. You are so completely unique and you do not like to be like everyone else. You totally get that you do not fit into the ordinary box because you are completely extraordinary. Sometimes you get mad at me when I tell you to do things but that is only because you are so busy finding yourself. Your free spirit does not like being told to live in the normal world. Even your teachers say that everyday they see you escape to your own wonderland.

 You are at your happiest when you are on holidays at the beach. From a tent to a cabin or a resort, you just want to spend days upon days with your feet in the sand, the salt on your skin and the ocean all around you. You remind me of a dolphin. You have even managed to captivate wild dolphins before and have them come right up to your hands. I see that you could happily live as a part time mermaid. You couldn't live all of your life with a mermaid tail though as that would mean that you couldn't run. You show such determination on any sporting field. It is a complete contradiction to your usual personality. You get this fire inside that only shows up when you have a football in your hands or a hockey stick in your grip. You are so fierce & completely focused. 

Your friends love you as much as we do. People are drawn to you. Just like animals are. That is how you were dubbed the animal whisperer. Your chickens, the dogs, the birds or even any animal that crosses your path becomes besotted with you. 

You my sweet girl were put on this earth to change the way people think & see things. You are completely unique & I still can't believe that I managed to create such a beautiful spirit. 

From your Mumma with love. Xx

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  1. Such a gorgeous post. These are such beautiful words, and i hope your daughter treasures them and you forever.


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