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Monday, 2 March 2015

It's the small details that matter the most.

It seems that the older your kids get, the more the little details of life become treasured memories. I just posted this on my personal Facebook profile:

14 years ago today, it was a Friday night & we went to a BBQ where I surprised everyone by saying that I had been having mild contractions all day. It was my second baby so I knew I would last the night. My sister in law kept track of the time between each one while we were having dinner. It would take another 2 long days before our baby girl would grace us with her presence. I can't remember where I put my car keys every day but I do remember the important stuff like this.

That memory caught me completely off guard. It made me smile & shed a few tears at the same time. Yet in the moment, those little details didn't even seem significant. Looking back now,  it was the most important thing happening in the world at that time. 

There I was, a young mum of 23 month old gorgeous (& completely hyperactive) little girl,  newly married & about to welcome into the world a human being that my husband and I had created. I wonder if because I was so young, only just 21, if I even fully comprehended what I was about to embark on. Sure, I had already given birth to our first born but I don't think I even understood how our little life as a family of 3 was about to change. I didn't think I had room in my heart to love another person completely but little did I realise that in just 2 days time, my heart would double in size as a result of meeting my next (& last) baby. 

It really is the little things in life that contribute to the amazing story that is everyone's life. 

From Jos with love. xx

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