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Friday, 6 March 2015

This weeks roundup.

This week we celebrated Georgia's 14th birthday. Yep, no little kids in our family anymore. We are now only 4 years away from being parents to adults only. You have no idea how fast time will fly when they are babies. People tell you to enjoy the time because it will be gone in a heartbeat. They are right. I have spent the week feeling very emotional. I have cried a bucket of tears and more. My heart has been weighed down with nostalgia. It is only 3 weeks till the eldest turns 16 so I don't see this emotional phase leaving me any time soon. I am sitting here right now waiting for my eldest niece to come for a visit. It has been over a year since I have seen her so I am all kinds of excited. She moved out west with her partner and they have really done such a fabulous job in adjusting to a small town, a new life & have done the best they can being so far away from family. I can't wait to wrap my arms around her.

Time for the small details that have made this week.

What I am listening to. I have been listening to Coldplay this week. It seems to soothe me when I am going through an emotional time. 

What I am reading. I have lost too much time this week on Pinterest. I have not read so much as I have been looking for inspiration. I have also found myself lost for a while over at Design Sponge. It is a great site for home inspiration and finding out the story behind each home.

What I am thinking about. Georgia's bedroom makeover really was the main focus this week. I hope to share some photos of it finished next week.

What I am planning. We have been planning a trip to Byron Bay before winter hits. It is one of our fave places in the world.

What I have been eating. Malteaser birthday cake. It has made a regular appearance at birthdays in our family over the years. It never fails to please.

What I have been drinking. With autumn now here, I have been having a glass of orange juice every day. Time to boost the vitamin C intake before winter hits. 

What I have been doing creatively. I had made quite a few things for Georgia's bedroom. Lots of little arty things to decorate the walls. Today I just finished making another Alice top (by Tessuti). A nice light white cotton with lace. I am starting to think about the cooler months ahead & I think it will be perfect for layering with jeans. But it will also look great with a pair of shorts at the moment.

What I have been wearing. This week has seen lots of dresses. I am making the most of the hot weather before jeans become an everyday staple.

What has the weather been like. It has been hot, humid & slightly yucky. Yesterday reached 40 degrees and it was just too hot. And here I was thinking that Autumn might bring a return of cooler days. The nights have been slightly cooler though. 

From Jos with love. xx

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