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Monday, 16 March 2015

Reading Between The Wines Bookclub. I made it happen.

On the weekend I put this out on social media.

And guess what happened? I started my own bookclub! Yes I fucking did! Within a couple of days, I now have a bookclub that is currently sitting on 17 members! Yes! How fucking awesome is THAT! Reading Between The Wines has become my own little reality! 17 awesome chicks who love to read, drink and chat! I know that a few may drop out before the first meeting, and that's ok. Because there is still more that will want to join! I thought we might struggle to get 10 but now we have a whole army of women armed with books and wine!

We are a "not your Mummas" bookclub. We will operate a little differently. As we know, books can get expensive if you are buying them regularly. So I thought that a great way for this bookclub to run would be if we buy secondhand books at markets/secondhand stores/bookfests. You can pick up great books for just a couple of dollars. When you are finished reading the book, you put your name inside the front cover, bring it along to bookclub & pass it on. That way it only costs the initial cost of your book and then you get to read more books for free! Who knows what book you might end up reading! How cool is that? Very cool indeed! 

Now I know, you ALL want to join! So..........I thought why not have a bookclub right here! An online bookclub! Now you can all join Reading Between The Wines! And the good part is that you get to read what ever book you want! There is no set list, no must have book, just whatever you are reading! When I get a spare moment, I will put a little button on the side of this blog where you can click to find out when I have written a post for the bookclub. I will chat about whatever book I am reading and you can tell me about the book you are reading. What a great way to find out about new books! But I would love if you could stick to buying a second hand book. I don't want to be responsible for wracking up your credit card bill! But hey, if you want to buy a brand new book, then who am I to stop you! I am sure that I will from time to time. So we can make the online bookclub real, it MUST have a hashtag. And it will be #readingbetweenthewinesbookclub I know, it's long but it is what it is. Make sure that if you are curled up in bed/the lounge/in a hammock/on a secluded beach being served drinks by your own cabana boy, that you share your book on Instagram & use the hashtag. 

I am like a book reader in a book shop right now......super excited! Lucky I picked up these books at the markets yesterday because I had better start reading now I have my very own bookclub!

Don't judge me by my book choice, right now I was in need of some books that I could use to escape the real world & that were totall fantasy.  

From Jos with love. xx

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