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Thursday, 25 June 2015

3 things that are really freaking awesome!

Today I am joining in with Carly who writes the awesome blog Smaggle (that could possibly make 4 really freaking awesome things then). She has revived a blog post series where you share 3 really freaking awesome things from the month. 3? I have a habit of using awesome to describe at least 10 things a day so it may be hard to cut it back to just 3. But here goes........


http://fromjoswithlove.blogspot.com.au/The most awesome thing that happened over the last month was a day long photo shoot that I dragged my family on. We headed up the highway to a pine forest & came home with some of the most awesome photos ever! while we didn't get the best family photo, we got some amazing individual ones. Oh & boy did we have fun! We laughed, we mucked around & it was so nice to spend the day together. Hubby thought it was awesome because he got to take my 4wd off road & get it muddy! It was quite a sight to see us all pile out at the servo on the way home. Here we were, all clean & photo ready, while the car was caked in so much mud that we couldn't even see the number plate or find the side steps!


Number 2 would have to be my new tattoo. I look at it everyday & it seriously brings me so much calm. It is doing exactly what I intended it to do. Right now, it is at the itchy stage. A little annoying but completely worth it. I seriously think it is awesome!


I have rediscovered the Fat Mum Slim Little Moments App. I have had it on my phone for a while but never really used it too much. But at the moment I am completely obsessed with the glow & beachy filter. I also love the quotes that you can pop over the top of your fave photo. It has made me fall in love with instagram all over again!

So tell me, what 3 awesome things did you find/happened over the past month?

From Jos with love. xx

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