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Monday, 15 June 2015

Hello Monday. 15th June 2015

Hello Monday

Hello fabulous blue floral fabric that I hope to make into a retro inspired skirt this week.

Hello grade 11 block exams. This is my first time dealing with the BIG exams as a Mumma. We are making sure that we eat really well with lots of fresh fruit & veg. And there is always a supply of chocolate for a stress snack. Extra pens, rulers, calculators & lots of sleep. It also means that our days are broken into 2 hour blocks. Sometimes she will be at school in the morning, sometimes she won't start till after lunch. There is even a day where she doesn't go to school at all!

Hello to letting the kids get back to normal after the chaos of the last few weeks. Trying to not talk about the events that rocked our world. So enough of that. 

Hello stay at home Mumma. It feels so good to say that. 

Hello washing. Lots and lots of washing. The eldest teen found all the missing socks under her bed!!!

Hello last week of desk duties for hubby after his knee op. Fingers crossed that his last review at the surgeons later this week means that he can return to full duties & regular pay. 

Hello walking. I have been walking around the block & hope to extend that this week. 

Hello catch up with friends! This week I have a few catch up planned and that makes me happy!! Even some shopping thrown in. 

Hello dhal! I have a freezer full & as promised I will get around to blogging the recipe this week. It fills you up & is super healthy! Did I mention it is extra tasty? Well, it is!! I am still confused though if it is dhal or dahl?? I have found it written both ways! If you know, let me know!

Hello week, please be kind to me!

I was inspired to start Hello Mondays by Cate from Life Behind The Purple Front Door. I think its a great way to kick start the week.

From Jos with love. xx


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