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Monday, 22 June 2015

Hello Monday. 22nd June 2015


Hello last week before school holidays start. That means that I have one week of a clean house before the teenagers all arrive at my house everyday. Then it will goodbye clean, hello chaos for 2 weeks.

Hello cold weather. It feels as though the winter has finally arrived here in Queensland.

Hello new look blog! After having my old blog for over 3 years, I forgot just how much hard work goes into setting everything up. So I have a new header, new side bar buttons and over there on the right is the newsletter sign up. I would love it if you could sign up. Right now there is my husband & just a handful of others who have signed up (thank you husband for always supporting my need to be a blogger).

Hello booming veggie patch! Like seriously, it is like it is on steroids! I have a secret weapon to how my veggie patch is looking so good & I am going to share it later this week. It's awesome!

Hello end of grade 11 block exams! She did it! She has now officially gone further than I did at high school so I couldn't be more proud.

Hello photos. I made my family go on a wild & crazy adventure on Saturday on the search for the perfect photo shoot. We got a few good ones, a whole heap of crazy laugh out loud ones & a handful of ones that were perfect. I will spend a few hours (OK, maybe days) going through them this week. I shared one of my youngest on Instagram. It still blows my mind when I look at the photos and realize that my babies are almost adults!

Hello fitness. I have been lazy, really really lazy. So I got hubby to help me set up all the gym equipment again so I can get back to working out. Nothing like seeing yourself in photos to give yourself a kick up the butt to get back to working out.

Hello Monday, lets do this!

From Jos with love. xx


  1. Love the colours of your header!

    1. Thanks Cate! I'm still not 100% sure if it is exactly what I want but I will stick with it to see if it grows on me.

      From Jos with love. xx


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