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Monday, 29 June 2015

Hello Monday. 29th of June 2015

Hello school holidays!! 

After a stress filled term, we are ALL breathing a sigh of relief that the alarm clock didn't go off at 6 am this morning. We all slept in till after 8 am! Oh it was glorious to wake up in my own time. And to look out the window to see that it was raining & know that I can stay in my PJ's all day.........so comforting! 

Hello projects!

 I have quite a few on the go right now. After watching the footage from my very first video tutorial, I think that it is a whole lot faster and easier to do video tutorials rather than have to stop to take photos. Even if I did end up with my head missing from the tutorial thanks to Gracie dog knocking the camera. 

Hello new hair colour. 

The box said vivid purple, it's actually turned out black with a slight purple glow when the light shines on it. The joys of colouring your own hair to save money. But, I like it so that's a bonus! 

Hello exercise.

 I have been so neglectful towards my own body of late. Horribly neglectful. I let stress take over my exercise time. I want to get that equation reversed. It's time to stop heading to the pantry to eat my stress & get back to the home gym to burn it off instead. I really need a punching bag to stick some photos on for stress relief. 

Hello crochet!

 I have picked up the crochet hook after many months off. Luckily it's just like riding a bike, you never forget! I am making a blanket for my nieces birthday in September. I didn't want it to be a rushed job that I stressed over so I have given myself plenty of time to finish. 

Hello soup weather. 

It's raining, it's cold & I have a freezer full of soup. I also have a dozen heads of broccoli that are nearly ready for harvesting from the veggie batch. Lots of veggie soup!! 

Hello Monday, let's do this!! 

From Jos with love. xx

linking up with Cate from life behind the purple front door for Hello Monday.


  1. ooh, vivid purple sounds like my sort of colour, if I wasn't embracing the grey!

    1. It did sound great and looked great on the box. Not so vivid in real life on my hair!

      From Jos with love. xx

    2. It did sound great and looked great on the box. Not so vivid in real life on my hair!

      From Jos with love. xx


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