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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Breathe. The tattoo with meaning.

Have you ever felt the need to do something that is just completely for you? Something that you have thought about a lot? Something that you have felt that you need to do? I have. For quite sometime I have been thinking about getting a tattoo. I already have one, a mistake. But we won't delve into that too much except to say that I was 16 & going through a rebellious stage. I had been dreaming of a particular tattoo for months. As some of you know, this has been one of the hardest years of my life. Not good when you suffer from anxiety. I often find myself caught in the midst of anxiety & I forget to breathe. I know that to most, breathing is completely natural & you may not understand. Those of you who suffer from anxiety will totally get where I am coming from.
You feel so suffocated with thoughts that you just can't breathe. So I have had an urge, a need, all most an all consuming craving to get a tattoo that I can see every single day that reminds me to just stop & breathe. So I did it. I went to the tattoo parlour & the most amazing man, Jason, understood my need & made it happen. We talked about how a tattoo can change the way you think. The way that something that can mean nothing to someone else, can mean the whole world to the person that it belongs to. He may have thought that I was a little crazy as I sat there smiling while he was doing it but he didn't comment on my crazy. It's perfect. It is just for me.

And now when I am having a moment of anxiety, I can look down & remember to breathe. 

From Jos with love. xx

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