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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Down in the veggie patch. My secret weapon to growing the best veggies ever.

Down in the veggie patch, things are really booming! I have a secret weapon that I will tell you about. But first let me show you what has been growing. Potatoes! I have grown my first lot of kipfler potatoes! They are only tiny but I don't care! I grew them! I got so excited that I may have picked them a week or 2 too early. There is still some more buried under the soil.

We now have soo much broccoli that I have to start researching & coming up with new recipes for it. 

Every afternoon, Georgia & I disappear to the veggie patch to eat snap peas straight from the vine. They are so sweet & crunchy

There are tiny little green tomatoes everywhere! Everywhere! I can't wait to be able to go down & pick a few for a salad. You might even find me sitting by the garden eating one just like you would an apple. I LOVE tomatoes!!

The celery is looking so healthy. It is nearly ready to start picking a stalk at a time to have with some hummus. It is also going to be great to throw into some veggie soup.

We have strawberries!!! They are not the best looking, but I think that is because they are from last years runners. But none the less, we have strawberries!

Zucchini, lettuce, carrots, onions, sweet potato & cauliflower, oh my! Now, I have a little secret for you. I have not used anything chemical on these veggie patches. I have only used water & one other secret weapon...... EPSOM SALTS!!!!!! Just one tablespoon on the dirt around each plant, once a fortnight before I give them a good watering. That is it!! I am serious! I have never grown healthier, disease free, pest resistant veggies before.

The herbs are even thriving! I will never use another "miracle" product on my veggie patch ever again! Because they are so healthy, they taste amazing. Everything is either crunchy, juicy or both. 

Do you grow your own veggies?

What do you have planted?

From Jos with love. xx


  1. What a tip!!! There is hope for my little veggie patch yet! Xx

    1. It's cheap & yet is like steroids for veggies!!!!

      From Jos with love. Xx


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